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Photographing you the way
you’ve always DREAMED of.



Hey there, good lookin’! I’m Anna, a Toronto-based portrait, fine art and lifestyle photographer (& smitten new mama!)

I'M ALSO A... Moment curator. Life documenter. Daydream sparker. Detail-obsessed Virgo. Eat dessert first kinda-gal. Gabby Greek (and proooud of it)!

I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHING... Big-hearted women entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their brand into focus. Fun, fabulous ladies who are looking to get glammed up and indulge in a much-deserved pamperfest. Cityscapes that whisk our hearts away.

I CREATE... Fashion-style shots for the everywoman that look like they belong in a top-shelf magazine. Keepsakes you’ll actually wanna keep. On-brand imagery that’ll nudge your big business dreams into motion and inspire your ideal clients to not only invest their money in you, but their hearts too.

MY MISSION IS TO... Remind women that they’re worthy of being seen and their stories deserve to be told by reflecting their radiance back to them. Every woman should own a beautiful portrait of herself.

MY JAM IS... Sprinkling the special on everyday moments. Brightening the world’s beauty. Using my lens to unlock the confidence women need to dream bigger and live sweeter.

I BELIEVE... We could all use a little more connection, celebration and colour in our lives.

I HAVE AN EYE FOR... Honest explorations of women’s beauty, stunning simplicity, playful sophistication, crisp lines and swoon-worthy architecture. (But I prefer to let my photos do the talkin’.)

I ZOOM IN ON YOUR...Unfiltered pretty, too-legit-to-quit talent, mile-wide silly streak, true essence, and the golden thread that connects the (polka) dots of your extraordinary life.

I LA-LA-LOVE BEING AROUND... Huggable people with bright outlooks who leave a trail of smiles wherever they go.

THINGS I HEART BIG TIME ARE... My handsome Mr, my mug collection and rainbow of Sharpies, cozy socks, pink peonies, Pistachio macaroons, Starbucks Americanos, Kate Spade everything, colourful desks, laughing till you cry and dancing till dawn. (You too?!)

I THINK THE MOST MAGICAL PLACES IN THE WORLD ARE... Disneyland for its wonder and whimsy, Greece for its impossibly blue skies and waters, and Paris for its dreamy rooftops and charming carousels.

I'VE ALWAYS GOT... Time for friends and fam, room for dessert, an issue of Bazaar cracked open on my studio floor. You may have seen me around...Glitter Guide, The Everygirl, Framework Magazine, Style Me Pretty Living, cupcake shop windows and confetti-strewn floors.